Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Van is here

Here I am. As I clack away at these keys, for the billionth time in my life, It think of why I'm here. Why am I here, not on this earth but on this page. I come to the realization that the world is full of such insane behaviour, that I just shake my head and wonder why more people don't get hurt putting their pants on, (seeing as they don't come with instructions.) I am a spectator of life. Don't get me wrong, I participate in it head long, but many a time I prefer to marvel at the sport. The comings and goings of people. Especially the ones that , how should I put it, are stupid. I hate stupid people, I have no patience for them, even though my wife tells me that those are the ones I should have patience for, I hate her logic. But for the sake of this entry, I don't have any.
You see, I, like some of us out there, have two brain cells to rub together. I don't believe everything CNN tells me, I formulate my own thoughts and have no shame in voicing them much to the dismay of the masses, who stand in line to drink the purple Koolaid. Drink up you morons from the cup of propaganda. Hey, I'm not an anarchist, I am a thinker. Not some puppet with the governments hand up my ass telling me what to buy, hate, trust and think. I abide by the laws of the country, of morality and social compliance. I try and make the world a better place than what it is, and where it's going. On a Japanese bullet train straight to the deapths of hell. Man if we could all just take two steps back and see where this thing is going we would have to wonder who the hell is at the wheel. Take three steps back and you notice that Supertramp was right in Crime of the Century, "Oh no, that's not right, hey whats the story, Well there's you and there's me." We, in this case, does not include me. I'm that guy that says, "You can't do that!" and tries to get you and you and you to take off the shades of indiference and strangle those bastards that are taking this world of ours and basteing it in shit and serving it up as filet mignon to the masses. Bon appatite you idiots. I've pushed myself away from the table and have had enough. A revolution of sorts, a grass roots movement that grows ever so slowly as each drone wakes up from the catatonic state of mesmorization and realizes that they are eating shit and actually enjoying it. Until we all get on board, brush your teeth before you talk to me.

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