Thursday, April 10, 2008

No news is good News

Thursday, thank what ever supreme being you believe in that tomorrow is Friday and a I can, as George Bailey said it, "Shake the dust off this crummy ol town and see the world!" Not that I'm going anywhere, what with the kids and the wife and an old house that always seems to need something done to it. Like yesterdays post. Something always seems to fixed or rearranged or uprooted or done.
What I see, is that so much needs to be done and, unlike my house, it never gets done. OK I lied, I got crap from lists made out months ago that I haven't done yet, but right now I'm not talking about my foibles, it's a hell of a lot easier to talk about others'.
So how was lunch? Never mind. I figure if you've come back to this page you are a like thinker or the NSA. Hoping you are the former, I can gather my material was not as offensive as I had originally thought. You see, I don't think in a linear fashion. That is my mind jumps from here to there, picking up all sorts of information and places it together in some sort of mosaic that makes sense. You hear this news and some from there and they maybe completely unrelated on the superficial level but they are puzzle pieces that match in the grand scheme of things. News doesn't come from one source. Looking at it from one perspective gives you only one angle. One news program, owned by one guy(or group) gives only one side. You tell me you are un-biased and I will tell you you are either a liar, a manipulator and a charlatan. I heard it before, "when you own the news, you can tell people what you like." My philosophy is a simple one; Listen to the story, Look for the spin.
There is always a spin, hell the world is always spinning, most days my head is so why do you think that the news is any different. I have already posted yesterday that there are enough vacuous minds out there that will eat up anything that is handed to them. When you have a the general populace, reacting with Pavlovian response to the governments doling, it is a simple pivot to move them to whichever direction you want them to go. Jump, duck, roll or play dead. There was a great movie called Idiocracy. Actually it was so incredibly lame that it almost questioned the financial backing minds, but I am going astray. The movie takes place in the future and shows how the entire country believes everything that the government tells them; Gatorade will make crops grow. The slap in the face that this film brings comes close to the stinging venom that Pleasantville attacks the average American. Now before you get all sensitive on me and what did you say about Americans, it's in the movie and my point is there, watch it think about it and then tell me I'm wrong. I love Americans, its the government I question. And here we are back at square one talking about the manipulation of the populace, by whom? Hello!
We are the government! Whether you live in America or Canada or England or any other country, hell even China. The fundamental unit of the country is its populace, and what we all fail to realize, or have just succumbed to the age old idiom, that our politicians know what is best for us and act on our behalf. Give me a fuckin' break. Politicians are out for their own self serving purposes. If they cared about what you and I thought, gas would be cheap, the bloody war would be over, New Orleans would be fixed and we would have a cure for cancer. Their indifference has a trickle down effect and it is attacking every aspect of our lives. Kids have no respect, spouses have no respect, employees and management and the poor bastard who is just trying to get by is being shown that everybody is out for themselves. Why? Because when all is said and done and the news goes off, Leno makes you laugh to make you forget that the government is trying to scare the living shit out of you so they can get what they want. I'll tell my kids about the Boogy man to scare them into behaving,(No I won't, but I'm getting to a point) What makes you think that the boys in their comfy cushy chairs, getting blown by interns, aren't using the same game plan?
Think about it.
Listen to the story, look for the spin.
Lets hope the spin is not the same one going down the toilet.

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