Monday, April 14, 2008

SingSing- a Song

I thought I'd shift gears here. I think I've beaten the fact that the powers that be are doing a number on our minds and ass holes and I'm certain I'll get back to that but for now I want to share with you an issue that just pisses me off to the nth degree. When you are around me, do not ever utter the words 'prisoners rights.' Those two words should never be used in the same sentence as far as I'm concerned. Prisoners have no rights, period. An accused individual, having been lawfully tried and found guilty of a crime against society, automatically absolves him/herself of any rights of the aforementioned society they offended. To think that, is to care for the wolf that ate all your sheep. What the fuck are these bleeding heart liberals thinking? Prisoners rights, hell I even hate writing the damn phrase here, (now to be known as PR.) Three square meals, heat in winter, air in summer, exercise gyms, library, laundry, play time in the court yard, education and you can smoke in there! Drugs, sex, television, pals and not to mention the opportunity to further deepen ones criminal portfolio by learning a few new tricks to a felonious CV. Give me a fuckin' break. Hell my life is not that good! Other than the occasional butt reaming, which I am getting from the previous posts reference to government, I'd say these people have it pretty damn good in there. Compared to, say, a Turkish, Venezuelan, Russian, Chinese or Colombian correctional institution. And that's another thing Correctional Institution! What's being corrected? I could only imagine the words being uttered in those facilities PR. That I find amusing. The Saudis have it right. Every Thursday, I think it is, in chop chop square, Off goes your hand if you steal, off with your head in China, and here in North America you can get off on your cell mate. Funny how that works. No wonder our prisons are overcrowded, everyone wants to get in. But I have an answer to all this. I have spoken about it for years in the midst of a frothing rage when the PR thing comes up. Simple solution, long term effects, and theoretically positive results. First of all there must be a restructuring of these facilities. The gym, library, courtyard, cafeteria, and any other space that is used for prisoners to wander and loiter, GONE! Fill these spaces with more cells. When one is convicted of a first offence, they are sentence to be confined to a cell lets say, 10X10. A toilet, a chin up bar a cot and a dim light. Done, Martha Stewart, piss off. That is all. That is where you stay. Two year sentence, two years in that cell. Get used to it cause you ain't going anywhere. Meals, just enough to keep you alive. Company? What you can hear from the other cell. Conjugal visits? Fuck you! You serve your time and out you go. You decide that that time in the clink was not enough to teach you better, the next offence gets you an 8X8 cell and smaller and smaller with each visit back. My philosophy here is a simple one, and I will use this analogy, when you catch a wild mustang, in order to domesticate it, you must break it. Not it's physical nature, but its mental state, its spirit. In order to rehabilitate the creature you must break the spirit or nature and then re-train it. Just like convicts. If you shack them up in a place where they can make new connections, forge stronger bonds, get stronger with exercise and learn new trades, you are not rehabilitating them, you are further honing their criminal behaviour! Break the spirit and then rehabilitate. Do you know how much it costs to keep criminals incarcerated? Look it up. Too much and that's per year. Here's another suggestion, cut costs by out-sourcing, prisons, lets say to...Turkey, or China or Siberia. Get into one of those places and start to complain that there is no toilet paper, and start screamin' about your precious Prisoners Rights and I can assure you your cries will not reverberate long enough for those bleeding heart liberals to come and give you a nappie.

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