Sunday, April 13, 2008

Truth and other Relics

A couple of days gone from my life. All to quick go the weekends. I seemed to have cooled off somewhat from my previous weeks venting . Although, like ones lungs, one can never really get rid of all ones lungs capacity, I am here again with good ol' Eddie Haskell. What a guy! Prim and proper with the Cleavers and a sleaze ball out of eye shot from them. All too familiar with that . Today I find myself wondering about Eddie, and how his style of presence is mimicked by so many. Act one way and then when I don't see you act another. I just don't get it. Call a spade a spade and to hell with what others think. In the long run it will save your sorry ass because it wont come around a bite you in it. I tell my son, if you tell the truth, you don't have to have a great memory. Tell it like it is, sure you'll upset some people who can't face the truth but, if you are honest with how you feel then, that is really what matters. I can't help you deal with your crap. Yeah, yeah, you have to respect peoples feelings but in the long run, like Ricky Nelson said,
"You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself." I can sleep better and don't have to worry that I have to hide the truth, you should feel better that you know the truth.
So what is truth? Reality? What the fuck is reality? I think truth is what is untainted. Either by bias or emotion, free of agenda of self fulfillment, pure unadulterated analysis of an event. That's sound about right. I find that we are spared the truth, By our parents, our 'good' friends and by the media/government. Do all of you really accept 911 for what they say it was? Do you believe the crap in Afghanistan and Iraq? How 'bout the Moon Landing? Hell I don't know what to believe anymore.Hell do I even exist or is this just some perverse dream that has me working myself to death?
And there sits Eddie, smiling at the top of this post, knowing full well I'm buying the bullshit he's heaping out. Oh Eddie, borne in an era of government propaganda, just like us today. My question is when do we all wake up and catch onto this charade. When do we stand up and say "Fuck you. You're lying!" When do we, as a communal body stand up to the machine and ram a bar up its gears and halt the destruction it's wreaking upon our lives? Have we not had enough kicks to the groin to say 'I've had enough!'
This is what I see, whether you agree or not,is fine with me, but don't lie, there is a very small group that runs this world like it's their own little sandbox. You can play with this shovel, you can have a bucket and the rest of you well tough shit, wait your turn. This world, this country, and yours, are ours! Not the few, all of ours. Not the Rockefeller's or the Illuminati, ours and I tell you there are far more of us than there are them. You don't watch enough television to see what you do with a school bully. Alone you get the crap beat out of you, but together you fuck him up but good, and you're guaranteed that he'll never bully again. So you just going top sit there and let some silver spooned dip shit get into office because Mommy and Daddy know lots of rich people? Half these idiots have no idea what the hell it means to actually work. I mean WORK!. Busting your as and praying the roof will cave in so you can get a break kind of work. And they have the unmitigated audacity to tell me that they know what is best for me? Fuck you! You don't even know what's best for you! Blinded by power and knowing that you have none of it. Pushed around by your parents bank roll friends with their own agenda on how to get richer. We know these things. Our problem is that far too many people believe in the direction and the decisions you make, like sheep to slaughter. Following the ass end of the poor bugger in front of them. I shake my head.
Waco, Texas. Remember. The Government was so pissed off with that. You know why? Because they got hold of the governments agenda and Koresh started using their secrets on how to influence people. Same thing. Exactly the same thing, just on a bigger scale. And all of us who had rage against those in the compound felt justified because the the FBI and the other agencies were with the government and storming the place was the right thing to do. I'm shaking my head again. Oh you poor misguided, naive souls. There is no hope for us. There will come a day when all of this will come to light. Someone up there is going to screw up and then the shit will hit the fan. You think that coupes are just in third world countries? Hell, my belief is that this country is just too damn big to throw a successful coup. But when that day comes, and we all realize we've been fucked up the ass with no lube, you will see the cataclysm. That will be Armageddon. Were not talking four horsemen type of thing, Gods rage and such, I'm talking the gates of hell will open up in every soul and take down the walls of servitude and eat those rich bastard politicians and tycoons alive.
Hey it could be.
But then again I could just be another Eddie, keeping the truth away from your delicate ears.

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