Saturday, November 10, 2012

My New Faerie Story




Well, I,m back! And what great news I have to share. I have entered the digital book market with one of my best stories, the Wish. A story that came about as I was telling my daughter, who was seven at the time, a bedtime story. As stated in the forward of the book,  when my children were little, I would read them a bedtime story and then I would turn out the lights and tell them one that I would make up...on the spot! Not so easy. It got to the point, one night when my son asked me to tell him a story about a gorilla and a tricycle. "Buddy, I've never told you a story about a gorilla and a tricycle!" To which he replied, "No...TELL me one about it." He was working me, the little bugger.

Well those stories primed me for the Wish.

The Wish, is a fantasy novel about Faeries and Goblins and the everlasting battle between them. Set to the backdrop of the dying of the Elpitha Tree, the lifesource for all the Encahntlings. Caught up in the escalating tension is a tiny nine year old girl whose soul mission in life is to save the Faeries she loves so much. In her pocket is the key to Faeries fate, something that has eluded tham for four centuries, A Wish.

Hope you enjoy, the story.
You can find it here:

You can sample it, read it and download in any format that fits your device.


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