Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello! Hello?

So, in the vastness that is the internet, you have found me. Fancy that! Serendipity? Karma? Fate? Call it what you wish, you are here. You may have stumbled here via Smashwords and my new addition to the ebook market,(which is cool in itself) or you just hit the 'next blog' tab, it really doesn't matter. What matters is how the universe works.

Believe in whatever God or lack there of that you do, whilst I believe that there are no accidents or coincidences in this world.

We are all connected by some universal plot that is so damn big,( I think it is bigger than space but not too sure,) that we can't see the whole thing. We catch it in bits and pieces and it it is our job to figure it all out. You are here. Why? Curiosity or some kismet connection. Some bigger plan, perhaps. Or maybe something as simple as we are connected. Maybe you will find something on this blathering blog of mine that will strike a cord with your life, or mine. Some of the stuff on this blog is not family friendly, meaning that I fire off on a rant, peppered with profanity, and poor punctuation. (You will find I like alliterations). I apologize a fore hand, you stand warned. 

Now where was I? oh yeah, you are here. Get comfortable! grab a drink sit down and make yourself comfortable. Lots to check out here, but let us get acquainted. 

I am a writer. Google me. Go ahead. I'll wait. You will find a couple of things out there. The majority of my writing is taking up valuable Gb space on several computers in my house. And God knows how many trees have sacrificed themselves for the reams of paper that have edited versions of countless stories of mine in boxes in my basement. Way too many stories awaiting infamy and my retirement to polish to a gleam. Somehow, in my ideal world, when working for 'the man' has sucked the life out of me, and I am tired enough to be retired, I will have my stories to keep me busy.

I thought that just a few weeks ago. Until I found Smashwords and everything changed. No I have not become rich...yet, I have found a way to stick a large stick up the arse of the traditional publishing world. I have spent years looking for an agent only to find you can't get an agent if you are not published and you can't get published if you don't have an agent! You know what I think? Piss on you. Those elitist pricks can choke on their ivory tower snobbery now with the advent of indie publishing. The agent works for me but he/she chooses me? The publisher has the foresight to see whether my book is good enough for the market? Two words, can you guess them?

Bless Smashwords and the attitude they have for us little guys, too far beneath the crumbling towers of industry, where they are all crapping their pants at the ebook market and the self, indie publishing world. You nasty bullies up there in your New York offices are getting what bullies deserve. Choke on it.

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