Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's gotta be in here Somewhere

Now that I've finally got all my ducks in a row, you'd think I could start the parade! Nope. No balloons, or marching bands. No clowns. Nothin'! You see I have all the makings of a parade but reason.

Somewhere in that Kilimanjaro-esque heap of hay, is a needle. Hell it could even be a knitting needle and it would take forever to find the damn thing! How many strands of hay would you say are in there? I couldn't even fathom a guess, but metaphorically speaking, you are that needle hiding in the haystack. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to come off as some kind of stalker but I am looking for you (in the Royal sense of the word, plural.) I have written my books, as you well know by now. They are out there in the cyber world having a bit or a byte somewhere, waited on by some server awaiting a hard drive home. (nice) 
That, as I have found out is the easy part.Hell even writing the stories was easier than trying to find the key to get the things to come into view of the general populace. Do you have any idea on how many books get published...every DAY? Holy crap!!!! Let me re phrase the query. Do you know how many books come on the market every MINUTE? Yeah, I said it...minute. Way too many, is the appropriate answer. Way, way way too many. And there is mine. An infinitesimal little speck in a galactic dust bowl of new releases, forget about the bazillions of books that were released to the universe, yesterday and yesteryear!
 But you know what, that's OK. I'm fine with those figures. Because somewhere in that haystack is a needle, that needle is the person who looks at my book on line and says. "Sounds like it might be good" hits the 'buy' button and it ends up on their Kobo. They read it and, hopefully love it, recommend it and so on. Somewhere, sometime, hopefully soon. And again that's ok. I spent twenty years with 'The Christmas Crunch' stashed away as an anchor to a box downstairs,(as stated before). Twenty years of zero chance of anyone finding it. Out in the web world now, my chances are increased exponentially just by bringing it up the twelve steps from the cellar and uploading it!

So...where ever you are, whoever you are, I'm waiting and can wait. What would be nice if that one person finds it and they become the herald to the world. I think it's the dream of any new author that the likes of Oprah or Ellen love your book and scream its splendour  from the mountain and everyone rushes out to buy it, thus becoming rich and fat and ordering Dom by the case for a Tuesday lunch in, say Paris.(again nice) could happen. 
It could all start with you.

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