Sunday, December 9, 2012


Ahhhh! Sunday, finally. It seems with all the hustle and bustle of the week that this is the one day that you can just chill. I am not a big fan of Sunday shopping and personally would like to see it vanquished altogether. Not that I am a religious individual, and Bless you if you are, but for me the spiritual aspect of Sunday lies in the reflection of ones own being in the comfort of my own home. Sure I have homework I have to help with and the occasional list that my wife so delicately hands over to me, but as a rule it is a day that I can kind of coast.
Life is busy. Work, running around like a madman trying to keep one step ahead of everything and just pretty much trying not to drown in the daily swell of events. Throw Christmas into the mix and you have a perfect recipe for a meltdown. But if you throw some jazzy Christmas tunes on the iPod and you can't help but feel a little lighter. The smell of our Christmas tree fills the house and something about having nature inside is a good vibe. The fact that there are, and will be, much fewer presents under said tree this year, bothers me but we are all healthy and could definitely  be far worse off than we are is a blessing in itself.
But let me get back to chillin'. Coffee in hand and posting on the couch. Update, books are selling well and that is reason to breathe easier. Maybe not easier, but lighter. I don't intend to get rich off my books,  well I really do, but reality tells me that the fact that bazillion books are out there the chances are slim to few that they will actually be found in the literary ocean of works out there. Get the word out there and give a guy a break. Tell two people about this poor bugger who you occasionally read about. I keep envisioning, as I check my stats daily, that somewhere someone will make some noise about this great story they found online and all of a sudden a mass movement starts world wide and success comes overnight! Yee Haaa!! Ahhhhh, perchance to dream.
And then the Sunday chillin' lasts every day of the week ad infinitum.

Until then, homework help, honey-do lists and the rev up for the next week's adventures and daily grind.

Somewhere there is a beach and a coconut with my name on it, but for now it is rooted in this post and a dream in my head.

Have a great day, relax and soak up the peace....while you have the chance.

Ahhhhhhhh for now

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